3 Stones TV

Core Values

Integrity – 3 Stones TV maintains the highest level of integrity in all television productions and administrative activities. We maintain and report all our records accurately.

Teamwork – 3 Stones TV supports every individual to realize their potential because we recognize that it is only by promoting each other and working together as a team that we can achieve our goals.

Quality – 3 Stones TV employs the best technical talent and the latest digital production equipment to ensure we produce world-class quality broadcast content.

Diversity – 3 Stones TV recognizes that our society is made up of diverse communities and cultures and believes that our diversity is our strength.

Financial Sustainability – 3 Stones TV makes strategic business choices that ensure we have sufficient financial resources both for future growth and to enable us make a return to our shareholders.

Partnerships – 3 Stones TV values, nurtures and promotes its relationships with all its partners including our viewers, advertisers and suppliers