3 Stones TV

Why 3 Stones TV?

With over 20 years experience in audio-visual production we have learned that good television is simply ‘stories well told’. 

We have learned that people will connect to a good story that reflects their history, values and aspirations, a story that is well executed and relevant to their lives.

We have learned that many Kenyans are concerned about the loss of the vast cultural knowledge possessed by our forefathers concerning all spheres of life, as well as the continuing erosion of traditional values through the propagation of foreign values promoted in foreign and locally-produced television content While acknowledging that culture is dynamic, our objective is to fill this ‘niche’ by providing the Kenyan television viewer with a local-language ‘History Channel’ that accurately  reflects our past,  promotes our values and identifies with our goals and aspirations as an African people.

3 stones were found in every African homestead located in the mother’s hut. It was on these 3 stones that all family meals were prepared.

It was also around these 3 stones amid the glowing embers that the family bonded. The young were nurtured, schooled, fed and instructed on the community’s values,  morals and aspirations, often through story-telling. And it was from around these 3 stones that the young gained wisdom, and received guidance, security, warmth and light.

3 Stones.tv connects with the viewer; the channel shares his heritage and speaks his language, it identifies with his hopes and aspirations and shares his dreams