3 Stones TV

Tuikarire Njung'wa

(Tuikarire Njun’gwa literal translation “Let’s sit on the 3-legged  traditional stool and reason together)

A Gikuyu elder, narrates the community’s history, age groupings and their roles, traditional ceremonies, values and cultural practices that defined the Agikuyu people. Having largely embraced the western way of life, very little of the Gikuyu traditional way of life is known among the young generation.

The elder recounts how ceremonies such as dowry, circumcision, traditional weddings, offerings and sacrifices were carried out and the qualifications and role of traditional healers. The show emphasizes the importance of maintaining traditional values such as honour, honesty, respect for elders, care for the environment and a work ethic.

During the show, the elder answers questions raised by viewers via email or text messages.