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Our Media Training Institute

Media Training Institute

Do you wish to seek a career in media but lack the necessary skills required for it?

To reach your goal you need a range of skills and an understanding of the technical processes and work flows in the modern world of digital media.

At 3 Stones Media Institute, acquiring proper media training is no more an issue. Over the last six years we have trained many young people in all the areas of television production; camera work, video editing, anchoring and presentation, scripting  and digital transmission.  Many of the television channels operating in Kenya today employ talent trained by us.

Our Mission

To assist in the spreading of audio-visual literacy, and to be a key contributor to cultural and communication development in Kenya.

3 Stones Media Institute  offers the following programs:

Hands-on production of audiovisual content for TV;

Camerawork, video editing,  producing, anchoring/presentation, scripting and transmission.