3 Stones TV


To recapture, educate and inform on our rich collective history and vast cultural knowledge as well as contemporary affairs while respecting and promoting African cultural values through provision of high quality content.


3 Stones tv enriches your life by giving explicit appreciation and acknowledgement of our cultural values, ideals and achievements through programming that educates and enlightens our past and present goals and aspirations, and that gives proper status to our rich cultural history

We employ the best talent available and the latest digital production equipment to bring you content that is both inspiring and relevant while ensuring a return to our shareholders.


 3 Stones TV respects our society’s traditional values and recognizes the role of individuals, elders and the family unit in promoting these values

 3 Stones TV supports every individual to realize their potential because we recognize that it is only by promoting each other and working together that we can achieve our goals.

3 Stones TV employs the latest digital production equipment to ensure we produce world-class quality broadcast content

3 Stones TV recognizes that our society is made up of diverse communities and cultures and believes that our strength as Kenyans lies in our diversity

3 Stones TV makes strategic business choices that ensure we have sufficient financial resources for future growth

3 Stones TV nurtures and promotes its relationships with all its partners including our viewers, advertisers and suppliers